We are leading gas manufacturer

Sharif Oxygen is an ISO 9000 certified industrial and medical gases manufacturing company that has been operating since 1987. The company started with a small air separation plant with a production capacity of 6 tons per day. With Air Separation Units (ASUs) distributed throughout the country, along with additional supply sources, Sharif Oxygen is now a major supplier of medical and industrial gases, serving supply requirements of hospitals and wide array of industries.

Our plants are designed and built using state of the art technology and are equipped with American and European technology. Our manufacturing facilities include production of medical nitrous dilute acetylene and special gases including calibration gases, high purity gases and different gas mixtures.

Packaged Gases

Industrial gases are provided to customers in different supply modes, designed according to their requirements. The available supply modes include:


We provide customized solutions and personal services for all our clients, to suit their large consumptions. We provide the following bulk industrial gases:


We adapt world class manufacturing and supply chain management practices to ensure that Sharif Oxygen is the most reliable partner in the healthcare sector.

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